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SA Championships, 22 to 25 September 2006

Acestes Taekwon-Do Clubs (ATC) was the overall winner of the 2006 SA Champs, held in Port Elizabeth, with a total of 201 points. Phoenix Taekwon-Do Clubs from Port Elizabeth got the closest with 197 points. Well done everyone, you all rock! We couldn’t have done it without our incredibly adorable and cute mascot Anel.

This was the 3rd year in a row that the Acestes Taekwon-Do Clubs have won this prestigious award, by accumulating the most points at the National Championships.
All in all, the club managed to accumulate a total of 59 medals at the tournament, spread between 23 gold, 25 silver and 11 bronze medals.

Friday 22 September 2006
After an early morning of waking up, no wait a very early morning, and after a long drive, we all at last arrived safely in the gorgeous Port Elizabeth (PE). Of course some of our students had the luxury of flying a day earlier. I must admit, the road trip was great fun! 

As we arrived we booked in and settled down a bit, playing hacky sack on the grass in front of our dorms. After an hour of testing our leg skill and ability to actually kick the hacky sack, we all went to the Vodacom Indoor Sports Centre of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, where we would be spending most of our time the rest of the weekend.

The opening ceremony began at round about 18h30 with local dancers entertaining us. One of the smaller dancers quite resembled “Mater” the truck in Cars, it must have been the front teeth.

All of the clubs present were aligned and called in to greet the VIP’s. Sabum Gert Hummel officially welcomed all in PE and made the best of the lime light by asking his girlfriend of two years to marry him. We are all very thrilled and wish them the best for the future.

After the traditional dances Boosabum Matthew Esof entertained us with a few special techniques. Then once again, the dancers returned for another energetic (and deafening) display.

The opening ceremony finished at about 20h00 the evening, where after the weigh in and registration of all participants took place. After this session we returned to our dorms for a good night’s rest.

All of the girls soon realized the worth of warm water. After a cold shower and something to eat, we all jumped in bed, anxious awaiting the following day.

Saturday 23 September 2006 (Day 1)
The fear, exhilaration, anticipation…all seemed to draw closer at once. The huge breakfast we all had, didn’t seem to calm the nerves at all. The action started at 9h00 with Black Belt Patterns and was followed by the tigers and their screaming and cheering parents. Up next? Well, that changed constantly as the organizers tried to fit in as much as possible categories on the day.

All and all the day was a huge success and worth all the training and effort. We ended off at about 20h00. Dinner was served at The Willows Resort, which was “finger licken good”! The boys were courteous enough to let us have their warm showers, thanks guys, you’ll never now how much a warm shower means to a girl.

Sunday 24 September 2006 (Day 2)
The final day of the 2006 National Champs arrived and there were still heaps of categories which needed to be competed in.

First up was the Black Belt Sparring, which was followed by numerous sparring categories. Devotion and fortitude triumphed in all the sparring matches.

The day was very, very, very long, with lots of events. We ended the day with a medal ceremony at about 10h00. Two of the categories could not be finished on accord of the limited time and the exhaustion of the competitors.

We all went “home” for a good night’s rest before the long journey back. Our resort closed at 20h00, which meant no dinner. Thanks to our remarkable instructors, Bsb Karel, Bsb Annari, Bsb Jacques and Susan Els who sponsored dinner, good old Steers soothed our hunger pangs.

Most of us went to bed at 02h00 on Monday morning, eish! Luckily we all arrived home safely after a magnificent SA Champs in Port Elizabeth. Why is the trip back, always longer?

The only dreadful thing about the whole trip is that we never found the opening to take a swim in the icy cold sea.

 Amoret Vermaak
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